ProviderBASE is a new cloud-based Medical e-Ordering + Provider Network Platform driven by clinical decision support (CDS), evidence-based guidelines, payer rule sets and linked suppliers.

ProviderBASE ensures optimized ordering, referral and service coordination with next level automation, performance, controls, compliance and savings … for physicians, providers, payers, claims adjusters and patients, alike.

Leveraging highly automated and intelligent order capture, filtering and direction, ProviderBASE is easily accessed at the critical time- and point-of-care to instantly deliver next level performance, efficiency and savings to managed care programs, administrators, physicians, other providers and patients.

The comprehensive, high-performance ProviderBASE℠ medical management solution set allows payers, MCO’s and provider groups to quickly and easily determine, verify and accelerate ‘appropriate’ ordering – with processing of prior authorization and referrals, selection and coordination with designated Networks/PPOs and contracted providers, and notification and data exchange with stakeholders.

Payers, TPAs, MCO’s, review agents, physicians and patients can utilize ProviderBASE to instantly ensure that the right order is made and performed in a timely manner, at the right place, by the right provider, and at the right price.

The ProviderBASE℠ Platform provides a complete end-to-end medical management platform for e-Ordering of ‘appropriate’ diagnostic, specialty, ancillary and outpatient services in managed care and provider programs, especially in workers compensation and employer self-insurance markets.

The ProviderBASE℠ Advantage

The fragmented, confusing and mostly manual ordering and ‘request for authorization’ approaches made available to clinicians, administrators and patients have been common failure points in most insurance cost containment and managed care programs.

With all stakeholders on the same page using ProviderBASE, initial treatment and ordering levels can now be the ‘success points’ in medical management, utilization review and care coordination systems.

HealthBASE Networks engineered and delivers ProviderBASE as a novel, more efficient medical care and benefit delivery model for select, under-served insurance, healthcare and medical provider sectors. ProviderBASE targets opportunities for improvement at critical treating and ordering physician levels with optimized, real-time and online ordering, authorization, referral, provider and claims management solutions that immediately add value at the point-of-care for providers and patients, as well as for ‘downstream’ clinical and administrative stakeholders.

The ProviderBASE Medical Provider Network + e-Ordering Platform ensures optimized procedure and order selection, referral, coordination and payment processes. The results include next level controls, automation, performance, compliance and cost savings.

‘Right’ order, right time, right place, right cost.


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