IT, Integration Services & APIs

HealthBASE Networks℠ provides highly adaptive, scalable and connected technology, software applications, informatics and transaction services which can directly unite with all stakeholders in insurance, healthcare and medical provider systems.

HealthBASE’s cloud-based solutions operate as stand-alone and/or integrated Platforms that scale and interface with operating and IT systems, client organizations and designated 3rd parties. Through interfaces with software applications and data sources, ProviderBASE’s value proposition can extend as a ‘Network of networks’ across the enterprise, and beyond to all stakeholders.

The opportunity to interface operating, financial and clinical systems will extend ProviderBASE℠ within the enterprise and in conjunction with partner and client deployments.

We offer information technology (IT), application processing interface tools (APIs) and custom integration services to deliver quickly implemented, cutting-edge, cloud-based systems configured specifically to your organization’s needs.

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