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We deliver next generation cloud-based software, services and informatics to insurers, the managed care industry and medical provider markets.

Our goal is to optimally address clinical ‘best practices’, patient care coordination and cost containment opportunities at the onset and point-of-care.

We do this using proven and preferred online, self-service approaches to fast and accurate electronic ordering. This includes guided coordination of the full continuum of order related workflows, information and exchange required for each payer and in connection with the multiple stakeholders.

In optimal compliance with payer rules and managed care programs, our ‘internetworked’, on time, point-of-care solutions provide a universal, one-and-done approach that helps ensure ‘appropriate’, accurate and complete ordering of testing, treatment, medication, supplies and other non-hospital services. The result is new performance, service, IT and savings levels.

‘Right’ order, right time, right place, right cost.

HealthBASE Networks helps align, automate and improve ‘e-Ordering’ and related exchange between physicians and providers, insurance payers, employers, third party administrators (TPAs), review agents, networks, PPOs, suppliers and other parties – especially in medical management, clinical review, cost containment and care coordination programs.

As a ‘Network of networks’ that organizes contracted medical providers, PPOs and vendors, HealthBASE’s technology-driven Platform and tightly integrated Solution Set dramatically improves the capture, processing and management of orders, authorized referrals and other required transactions to those suppliers, and as designated by payers and clients.



The HealthBASE Platform includes:

1.)  e-Ordering from all online PCs and devices
2.)  embedded decision support with clinical guidelines and patient insurance references
3.)  highly automated medical ‘necessity’ review, prior authorization and coding
4.)  seamless provider network look-up, selection and authorized referral routing
5.)  real time reporting, analytics and notifications, and
6.)  IT interfacing with medical practice/EMR, payer, managed care and claims systems.

At the core of HealthBASE’s Solution Set is the ProviderBASE℠ Medical Provider Network + e-Ordering Platform, driven by clinical decision support (CDS), evidence-based guidelines, custom rule sets and real-time analytics.

ProviderBASE is an easy to access and use online Platform-as-a-Service system (PaaS) delivering software applications, databases and informatics that together ensure optimized ordering of medical procedures and other patient services with highly automated and accelerated prior authorization, referrals, coordination, notifications and billing claims processing.


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